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POLS Phd. student Cerem I. Cenker's conference participation

Published on 27.04.2014 01:21

Political Science Phd. student Cerem I. Cenker will be participating in Sunbelt Conference XXX of International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) between 29 June-4 July 2010, Riva del Garda, Italy.


Network Influence on Civic Attitudes: A Cross-Country Analysis

Largely due to research interest on social capital, political science recently accounts for social networks more rigorously. Social networks are found particularly relevant for civic and political participation. Accordingly networks are related to generalized trust and civic activism as well as tolerance. Also network exposure to different political views is shown to delay vote decision time and increase individual ambivalence. In general this strand of research relies on political discussion name generator which elicits individuals’ core discussion networks. This method is in line with research objective which focuses more on network information content rather than on network structure. Yet network structure is also likely to be influential on both civic and political participation. By using International Social Survey Program (ISSP) dataset of 2001 on social networks, present study inquires the relationship between network structure and generalized trust.  ISSP contains detailed network information on individuals’ both strong, familial ties and weak, instrumental ties. This information allows for the inquiry of the influence of different network structures on generalized trust. Also ISSP’s social network study is a cross-country research. Hence the analysis allows for further control of country level political contextual factors.