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2023 - 2024
  • Thesis / Masters' Projects Supervision
    Duygu, Umut, Between politics and social media: examining domestic information operations through the Twitter controversy in Türkiye, Varol, Onur, 2023.
    Ataseven Özdemir, Nursena, Attention to and memory reactivation of long-term memories when anticipating upcoming interference, Günseli, Eren, 2023.
    Özdemir, Şahcan, The effects of context on working memory and rhythms of attention, Günseli, Eren, 2023.
    Yalçın, Faruk Tayyip, Locating the bias in empathy, Bağcı, Sabahat Çiğdem, 2023.
    Filcan, Berk, Electoral Consequences Of Historical Cleavages And Migration: A Geographic Discontinuity Approach, Moral, Mert, 2023.
    Atalay Üstün, Zeynep İrem, Post-Islamist Political Parties As Agents Of Democratization In Muslim-Majority Countries, Keyman, Fuat, 2023.
    Kızılkan, Dicle, Is The Theory Compatible With Practice: Comparing The Exercise Of Inheritance Laws In The People’s Republic Of China And Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Nomer, Nedim, 2023.
    Mert, Merve, The Parameters Of Turkish Foreign Aid Policy In The Akp Era, Esen, Berk, 2023.
    Şahiner, Alper Tunga, Offshoring’s Effect On Economic Nationalism, Bertay, Ata Can, 2023.
    Tosun, Yasemin, Essays On The Relationship Between Political Representation And Protest Behavior, Moral, Mert, 2023.
    Sarı, Zeynep Nur, The Role Of Political Sophistication And Positive Contact In Reducing Anti-Immigration Attitudes:Evidence From Europe, Müftüler-Baç, Meltem, 2023.
    Iğdır, Zeynep Özge, Institutional Regulation Of Interparty Pre-Electoral Coordination In Europe: 1945-2018, Kemahlıoğlu, Özge, 2023.
    Bal, Hatice Betül, Access Denied: Control And Restriction Strategies Of The Internet In Hybrid Regimes, Esen, Berk, 2023.