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2018 - 2019
  • Thesis / Masters' Projects Supervision
    Akman, Utku, Rise of right-wing populism in Europe?: The case of alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in Germany, Keyman, Fuat, 2019.
    Korkmaz Kökdere, Zehra, Regional organisations and humanitarian intervention: assessing their role in Libya, Müftüler-Baç, Meltem, 2019.
    Sendinç, Tuba, Regime type and the propensity to negotiate with insurgents during civil conflict, Hatipoğlu, Emre, 2019.
    Şencan, Mert, Populism, failures, and a sense of crisis, Kemahlıoğlu, Özge, 2019.
    Can, Özlem, Change or continuity? A comparative study of the immigrant integration models of Turkey and Germany after the Syrian crisis, Aydın Düzgit, Senem, 2019.
    Ermihan, Erman, With or without you:The shift in discourses of identity in the EU-Turkey relationship, Aydın Düzgit, Senem, 2019.
    Eroğlu, Melek Hilal, Economic voting and relative importance of domestic and international reference points, Eroğlu, Melek Hilal, 2019.
    Bayralı, Önsel Gürel, Individuals' tax incentives and the value of transparency of information, Kemahlıoğlu, Özge, 2018.
    Onursal, Deren, Repression, regime, mobilization, wealth and protest: a statistical cross-national study 1990-2004, Kemahlıoğlu, Özge, 2018.
    Özkan, Emirhan, Europe in Turkish parliamentary discourses: an examination of the views and preferences of main Turkish political parties on Europe between June 2013 and June 2015, Müftüler-Baç, Meltem, 2018.
    Sazak, Onur, Turkey's new humanitarianism and aid effectiveness, Keyman, Fuat, 2018.
    Kılıç, Düzgün, A discussion of the problems of completion of democratization in the case of Turkey, Kemahlıoğlu, Özge, 2018.
    Hussain, Muhammad Mohsin, Why do states apologize?: a systematic study of inter-state apologies for war-crimes, Kavaklı, Kerim Can, 2018.
    Gafuri, Adea, The role of external tools in enhancing democratization: a comparative study of EU'S assistance to the Western Balkans 1994-2016, Müftüler-Baç, Meltem, 2018.
    Şener, İpek Ece, The impact of the compositional change on the decisions of the constitutional court of Turkey, Yeğen, Oya, 2018.
    Gökçe, Osman Zeki, The role of energy interdependence in shaping world politics, Hatipoğlu, Emre, 2018.
    İlhan, Bekir, State, security, and interest: limits of European integration, Keyman, Fuat, 2018.
    Cengiz, Bengi Ruken, Who wants rights?: Citizenship perceptions on rights and liberties and political party preferences in Turkey, Kadıoğlu, Ayşe Gülden, 2018.
    Uzun, Ezgi, The axis of resistance the role of religion in Iranian foreign policy, Müftüler-Baç, Meltem, 2018.
    Kocapınar Yıldırım, Gülnur, Elite recruitment and political career patterns: a comparative analysis of political parties in Turkey, , 2018.
    Abudula, Abulaiti, Chinese foreign aid and the unga voting patterns of the recipients, Yıldırım, Kerem, 2018.