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List of SSCI Journals in Political Science and International Relations

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International Political Science Association (IPSA)

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GRE: Graduate Record Examinations -- Online

GradSchools.Com: Political Science Graduate Programs

James Madison Memorial (Teacher) Fellowship Foundation

American Political Science Association Journals
    * American Political Science Review
    * Perspectives on Politics
    * PS: Political Science and Politics
APSA Section Journals

    * Law & Politics Book Review
    * New Political Science
    * Political Analysis
    * Political Communication

Other Political Science Associations
    * American Journal of Political Science (MPSA)
    * Canadian Journal of Political Science
    * Greek Journal of Political Science
    * The Illinois Political Science Review (Illinois)
    * The Indiana Journal of Political Science
    * International Political Science Review
    * Journal of Political Science (South Carolina)
    * Journal of Politics
    * Japanese Journal of Political Science
    * New England Journal of Political Science
    * Oklahoma Politics
    * Perspectives on Minnesota Government and Politics
    * Political Research Quarterly (WPSA)
    * Social Science Quarterly
    * Politics & Policy (formerly the Southeastern Political Review)
    * Political Studies
    * Swiss Political Science Review
    * Political Science Quarterly
    * Political Chronicle
International Politics
    * Canadian Foreign Policy
    * Current History
    * European Journal of International Relations
    * Foreign Affairs
    * Foreign Policy
    * Human Rights Quarterly
    * Human Rights Review
    * Inroads
    * International Interactions
    * International Organization
    * International Politics
    * International Security
    * International Studies Quarterly
    * Latin American Perspectives
    * The Nonproliferation Review
    * Party Politics
    * Review of International Studies
    * Security Studies
    * The Washington Quarterly
    * World Affairs
    * World Politics
Comparative Politics

    * The Journal of Comparative Politics
    * British Journal of Political Science
    * Comparative Political Studies
    * Comparative Strategy
    * Electoral Studies
    * European Journal of Political Research
    * French Politics
    * International Journal of Middle East Studies
    * Israel Affairs
    * Journal of Commonwealth and Comparative Studies
    * Middle Eastern Studies
    * Studies in Comparative International Development
    * West European Politics
Public Administration/Public Policy
    * American Review of Public Administration
    * Journal of Public Policy
    * Public Administration Review
    * Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory

 Policy Studies
    * Policy Studies Journal
    * Policy Studies Review
    * Developmental Policy Studies
    * Policy Evaluation

 Political Theory
    * The Boston Review
    * Constellations
    * Critical Review
    * Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy
    * Economics and Philosophy
    * Ethical Theory and Moral Practice
    * Ethics
    * European Journal of Social Theory
    * History of Political Thought
    * Journal of Political Philosophy
    * Philosophy and Public Affairs
    * Political Theory (Sage site)
    * Political Theory (editor's site)
    * Public Affairs Quarterly
    * Review of Politics
    * Social Philosophy and Policy
    * Utilitas
    * Theory & Event
    * BEARS, the Brown Electronic Articles Review Service in political and moral philosophy.
General Political Science Resources
    * WWL-VL: Political Science
    * Guide to General Politics Resources
    * Canada: Links to Policy Research Institutions
    * U. Brit. Columbia Lib.: Political Science -- A Nettation
    * U. Colorado: WWW Resources for Political Scientists
    * UC Irvine: Political Science Resources
    * M. Dartnell's Online Resource Guide to Political Inquiry
    * Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources
    * The International Society of Political Psychology
    * Newsletter: Political Web Traveler
    * C. DeMello's List: Universities Around the World
    * WWW-VL: Departments of Political Science & Governments
    * GRE: Graduate Record Examinations -- Online
    * GradSchools.Com: Political Science Graduate Programs
Sociology Associations

    * National Sociological Associations
    * Asociation Lationamericana de Sociologia
    * European Sociological Association
    * International Rural Sociology Association
    * North Carolina Sociological Association
    * Arbeitsgemenschaft objektive Hermeneutik
    * Association (of) Internet Researchers
    * International Political Science Association (IPSA)
    * Portugese Association for Sociology of Industry, Organizations and Work
    * The Society for Applied Sociology
    * Union of International Associations
    * Sociologists without Borders European
    * European Sociology Students' Association