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Faik Kurtulmuş

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2006-2010 DPhil in Political Theory, University of Oxford
2004-2006 MPhil in Political Theory, University of Oxford
2002-2003 MA in Political Philosophy, University of York
1998-2002 BA in International Relations, Koc University

  • BAGEP - Bilim Akademisi  2019
  • Article
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  • Book Section / Chapter
    Kurtulmuş, Faik, "The democratization of science", Global Epistemologies and Philosophies of Science, Ludwig, David and Koskinen, Inkeri and Mncube, Zinhle and Poliseli, Luana and Reyes-Galindo, Luis (eds.), London, UK: Routledge, July 2021, 145-154
  • Before SU Publications

    A. Faik Kurtulmus, `Rawls and Cohen on Facts and Principles', Utilitas, Vol.21, 2009, pp. 489-505.