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Brown Bag Seminar: Aylin Aydın Çakır (Yeditepe University)




Judicial Independence across Democratic Regimes: Understanding the Varying Impact of Political Competition



Aylin Aydın Çakır

(Yeditepe University)


October 16, 2016, Wednesday

13:00  FASS 1080


One of the most prominent explanations of the creation and maintenance of
independent judiciary is the “insurance theory” that proposes a positive relationship
between political competition and judicial independence. But, does
intense political competition inevitably lead to higher levels of judicial independence
across all types of democracies? Conducting a large-N cross-country
analysis over 97 democratic countries, this study shows that as democratic
quality across countries changes, the impact of political competition on judicial
independence changes as well. The empirical findings reveal that while in
advanced democracies high levels of political competition enhances judicial
independence, in developing democracies political competition significantly
hampers the independence of the courts.



*Snacks will be provided.