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Political Science Seminar: Cengiz Erişen (Stony Brook University)


Sabancı University

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Political Science Seminar Series


The Impact of Emotional Cues in Political Behavior


 Cengiz Erişen


     Stony Brook University

Pazartesi, 1 Mart 2010


SSBF 2034 



This study examines the role of subtle emotional cues in political deliberation and the consequent political behavior. Stemming from prominent theories in political behavior and political psychology, this research presents a unique examination of how incidental emotional cues (such as pictures of national flags, national symbols, and smiling faces, family togetherness or threat-evoking conditions in political ads) alter citizen political behavior. Using data from social surveys and experiments, the author investigates how incidental emotional cues exert systematic changes on political attitudes and political behavior. Findings add to our understanding of how citizens rationalize their political evaluations through the influences of emotional cues abundant in their daily lives.