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Declaring POLS as Major


Distinguished faculty. The POLS BA Program courses are taught by distinguished faculty researching in political science, nationalism, Europe-Turkey relations, formal analysis of election processes, political philosophy, ethics, sociology of religion, politics and history of the Turkish Republic, Ottoman Empire and Europe.

Flexible and Interdisciplinay program. The unique blend of interdisciplinary courses and the program structure are flexible enough to let you specialize in your areas of interest while ensuring a strong background in political science, sociology and related fields.

An excellent SPS Alumni record
shows us that the graduates have a wide range of employment opportunities such as management, marketing, public relations, media and banking in the private sector, as well as in the EU Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and think-tanks such as TESEV, IKV. The youngest deputy ever in the National Assembly (M. Bilal Macit (27), class of 2007) is a SPS (POLS) graduate. The program also has a successful record of placements in graduate programs, including New York University, Chicago, Boston, Johns’ Hopkins, Florida, King’s College London, Art Institute of Chicago, Texas-Austin, Columbia, Minnesota…

The program has strong links with Istanbul Policy Center