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Dahrendorf Programme’s “Europe in a Changing World” panel in Berlin

Published on 28.11.2023 10:47

Ayşe Kadıoğlu gave a talk at the Dahrendorf Programme’s “Europe in a Changing World” panel that was held at the Wissenschaftszentrum (WZB) Berlin on November 23, 2023. Europe in a Changing World is a project of the Dahrendorf Programme (University of Oxford) that has investigated the mutual perceptions and relations of China, India, Russia, Turkey, and the U.S. – the five CITRUS countries – with Europe. Sabancı University, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and the Istanbul Policy Center have been a part of this project’s network. The panel (in person and live streamed) was held as part of the SCRIPTS Cluster of Excellence, Contestations of the Liberal Script Conference. It began with the welcoming remarks of the WZB Director Michael Zürn, followed by the project leader and panel chair Timothy Garton Ash’s remarks about the findings of the research. Panelists included Ayşe Kadıoğlu (Sabancı University), Olivier de France (University of Oxford), and Xiaoyu Lu (Peking University).