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Our PhD Student Yasemin Tosun's Success

Published on 20.03.2023 13:57

Our Political Science Ph.D. candidate Yasemin Tosun has been awarded the TUBITAK 1002 - Short Term R&D Funding. With the help of this grant, our student will be able to conduct a survey experiment as part of their Ph.D. dissertation under the supervision of Assistant Professor Mert Moral.

As the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, we congratulate our student and wish her continued success.

Yasemin Tosun' s Project:

Individuals' protest and electoral participation preferences have rarely been studied together. Specifically, previous literature does not provide any information about the propensity of protest behavior in contexts where individuals can and prefer participating in politics through institutionalized means --i.e., through elections. This study will help us understand the extent to which citizens prefer non-institutional participation channels as substitutes or complements to institutionalized participation by investigating their protest participation preferences and manipulating those based on election timing. Secondly, this study seeks to explore varied perceptions of Turkish citizens about protest and examine their effects on their protest potentials.