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Our Graduate Aylin Aydın-Çakır is at Vrije University Amsterdam

Published on 25.04.2021 11:56

Starting by March 2021, our Political Science Doctoral Program graduate Dr. Aylin Aydın-Çakır is joining Vrije University Amsterdam, Political Science and Public Administration Department. She will also be affiliated with Utrecht University, School of Law (ERI) as Visiting Researcher. Dr. Aydın-Çakır earned her doctoral degree in 2012 under the supervision of Prof. Sabri Sayarı. Between 2014-2021 she worked as Assistant Professor at Yeditepe University. Her publications appeared in academic journals such as International Journal of Constitutional Law (ICON), Law & Society Review, Political Research Quarterly, International Political Science Review, Democratization, and Turkish Studies. In 2017, she has been awarded with the Young Scientist Award (BAGEP) by the Science Academy. In the year 2019, Dr. Aydin-Cakir has been awarded with Re: Constitution fellowship and in 2020 completed her project on court-curbing mechanisms at Utrecht University, School of Law (Montaigne Center) as Re: Constitution Fellow. 

We congratulate Dr. Aydın-Çakır wholeheartedly, and wish a continuation of their successes.