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Panel on Challenges on Global Governance and Multilateralism

Published on 25.04.2019 14:41

A Panel on Challenges to Global Governance and Multilateralism was organized at Sabanci University on April 11, 2019. The panelists were Sakip Sabanci International Special Jury Award on Global Governance Recipient Joseph S. Nye, former Dean of the Kennedy School, Harvard University and the recipients of the Article Awards-Kerim Can Kavakli, Bocconi University and Cosette Creamer- University of Minnesota and University of Pennsylvania. The panel moderator was Meltem Muftuler-Bac, Sabanci University. The paper presentations by Kerim Can Kavakli with his paper titled: 'Does the Rise of China Weaken Global Governance' and Cossette Creamer with her paper titled: 'Judicial Responsiveness of the WTO' were followed by a discussion of these papers and a seminar on global governance by Joseph Nye.