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Achievement by FASS Faculty Member Arzu Kıbrıs

Published on 21.12.2015 12:22

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences member Arzu Kıbrıs became one of the two people in Turkey to receive “ERC Starting Grant” in humanities and social sciences with her project "Exposure to Political Violence and Individual Behavior".


Arzu Kıbrıs, professor of Political Science in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, received an ERC Starting Grant, which is one of the most prestigious scientific research support awards of the European Union. Arzu Kıbrıs’ project "Exposure to Political Violence and Individual Behavior" will receive European Research Council funding for five years. 

The project, as its title suggests, investigates the impact of being exposed to political violence on the political, economic and social behavior of individuals in the Turkish example. 

Arzu Kıbrıs’ project is also significant for being one of the first two humanities and social sciences projects that receive ERC funding in Turkey. The EU awards these grants to scholars residing in member or candidate states with the prerequisite that the project is implemented within a country that is also a member or candidate state. The ERC Starting Grant is a highly competitive program and the European Research Council is extremely selective in awarding grants.  Projects must be innovative, interdisciplinary, and possess great potential for contributing to science. 

Sabancı University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences member Arzu Kıbrıs conducts research on the social consequences of political violence. She is a member of the Network of European Peace Scientists Board of Directors and an editor of the “Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy” journal, one of the key scientific publications in peace studies.