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2013 Conference Travel Grants for FASS Graduate Students

Published on 27.04.2014 01:21

Conference Travel Grants for FASS Graduate Students

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is pleased to announce that a limited number of Conference Travel Grants will be available for FASS graduate students for the 2013 calendar year.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will support the professional development of graduate students by providing a limited number of competitive Conference Travel Grants to both Master's and Doctoral students in good academic standing.

The Conference Travel Grants provide full or partial support for travel and related costs (lodging and registration fees) for a meeting or conference in the applicant's field of specialization. Students who have received an official invitation to participate a conference and to present a paper are eligible to apply for grants.

A student cannot be granted more than once per calendar year.

Travel grants are provided only for travel to professional conferences; other forms of travel will not be supported under this program.

The number of grants will depend on the availability of funds.

All expenses must be supported by ORIGINAL receipts taken in the name of Sabancı University.

Sabancı University

Tuzla V.D.


Applicants are required to seek additional funding from appropriate sources.

The grants will be evaluated during 3 different periods. The deadlines for these periods are: February 28, May 31 or October 31, 2013.

The students should submit their applications by the end of the working day (5 p.m.) to FASS Dean’s Office on the aforementioned dates.

Applications must include the following materials:

  • Completed application form
  • Some official notice of the conference (e.g., the URL of the conference website) and official evidence showing that the applicant has been invited to participate (e.g., a letter of invitation or a page from a website that includes the student's name as a participant).
  • The abstract of the paper to be presented
  • A brief statement, no longer than one page, explaining the student's academic interest in attending the conference.
  • An outline of the student's travel plans and a travel budget (plane/train/bus costs, logging expenses and registration fees).
  • One letter of recommendation from a faculty member, preferably the student's thesis advisor. This letter should be no longer than one page and should explain the academic relevance of the conference to the student's degree objective.
  • Brief Resume

Completed applications received by each deadline will be reviewed by a committee. Awards will be announced approximately 4 weeks after the application deadline.

During each award cycle, approximately one-third of the total fund will be available for award. After each deadline, the committee will rank applications on the basis of perceived academic merit and the strength of the faculty letter of recommendation. 

Please submit your application form and supporting documents to:


Inci Ceydeli

FASS Administrative Affairs Manager

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Telf: 0216/ 483 9232