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Published on 27.04.2014 01:21

Many FASS (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) graduates will continue their studies in MA and PhD programs abroad with scholarships from prestigious institutions. We'd like to congratulate all our alumni and wish success.

Alumni Continuing Graduate Work Abroad  

Can Özcan / CONF MA / University of Utah, PhD in Political Science-Middle East Studies

Onur Şen / CONF MA / Uppsala University-MA / University of Louisana-PhD

Serkan Yolaçan / CULT BA / Duke University, PhD in Anthropology

Alaettin Çarıkcı / CULT MA / Leiden University, PhD in Literary Studies

Duygu Şendağ / CULT MA / London School of Economics, MA in Social Anthropology

Haydar Darıcı / CULT MA / Michigan University, PhD in Anthropology and History

Senem Kaptan / CULT MA / Rutgers University, PhD in Anthropology

Çağatay Gültekin / ECON BA / London School of Economics, MA in Accounting and Finance

Fatih Çakmak / ECON BA / Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - MA in Economics

Murat Alp Çelik / ECON BA / University of Pennsylvania - PhD in Economics

Sait Öztürk / ECON BA / Tinbergen Institute - MA in Economics

Selin Ünan / ECON BA / Boston College - PhD in Economics

Emine Deniz / ECON MA / New York University - MA in Political Economy

Ercan Arslan / ECON MA / University of Edingburgh - PhD in Economics

Musab Murat Kurnaz / ECON MA / Carnegie Mellon University - PhD in Economics

Osman Yavuz Koçaş / ECON MA / Duke University - PhD in Economics

İzzet Ufuk Kantorun / ES MA / College of Europe-MA in European Studies

Saliha Metinsoy / ES/POLS MA / Penn State University-PhD in Political Science

Alper Yıldız / POLS MA / City University of New York Graduate Center - PhD in Political Science

Halil Can Kurban / POLS MA / New School of Social Research - PhD in Political Science

Kürşat Çınar / POLS MA / Ohio State University - PhD in Political Science

Övünç Kutlu / POLS MA / Florida International University - PhD in International Relations

Begüm Irmak / SPS BA / Columbia University - MA in Sociology

Nükte Çöbek / SPS BA / Johns Hopkins University - MA in International Relations

Onur Okudan / SPS BA / Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona - Research Master in Political Science

Sibel Karadağ / SPS BA / Johns Hopkins University - MA in International Relations

Sinemis Temel / SPS BA / University of James Madison

Yusuf Yüksekdağ / SPS BA / Central European University – MA in Political Science

Pınar Merve Akan / VACD BA / University of the Arts London - London College of Fashion - Fashion Design 

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