POLS faculty & students were in Midwest Pol. Sci. Assoc. Annual Conf.


The following papers were presented by the POLS Program’s faculty and students in this year’s Midwest Political Science Association’s annual conference which was held in Chicago during April 22-25, 2010.


Ali Çarkoğlu "Partisan Mobilization in Turkish Elections"


Arzu Kıbrıs, "Funerals and Elections: The Effects of Terrorism on Vote Choice in Turkey"


Aylin Aydın,  Eser Şekercioğlu,  "Explaining Public Confidence in the Judiciary: The Interaction Between Structural and Behavioral Determinants of Confidence"


Ersin Kalaycıoğlu "Islam, Secularism, and Democracy: Insights from Turkish Politics"


Hasret Dikici Bilgin "Coalition Politics in Turkey: 1991-2002"


Özge Kemahlıoğlu "State Resources, Party Mobilization and Turnout: An Analysis of Elections in Turkey"


Sabri Sayarı & Hasret Dikici Bilgin "Paths to Power: The Making of Cabinet Ministers in Turkey"