Meltem Müftüler Baç

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Phone : 0216-483-9247
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Title : Faculty Member
Education : Ph.D in International Relations, Temple University 1992

M.A in International Relations, Temple University 1989

B.A. in Political Science and International relations, Boğaziçi University 1988.
Work Experience : Sabancı University, Faculty Member. 2002-present (Prof.Dr)

University of Chicago, Visiting Scholar,1999-2000

Bilkent University, Faculty member.1992-2002(Asst.& Associate

Temple University, Instructor,1989-1992
Areas of Interest : International Relations Theory, Politics of European integration, Turkey's relations with the EU.

Awards :
  • University of Stockholm Affiliated Scholar - University of Stockholm  2013
  • Council of Europe, leader for Task Force on Wider Europe - Council of Europe  2012
  • Jean Monnet Center for Excellence - European Commission  2011
  • Teaching Excellence Award - FASS  2011
  • Chair, Steering Committee, Standing Group on the EU, ECPR - European Consortium for Political research  2009
  • Jean Monnet Chair ad personam - European Commission  2004
  • Distinquished Young Scientist Award - TUBA-Turkish Academy of Sciences  2003
  • Young Investigator Award - TUBA-Turkish Academy of Sciences  2002
  • Fulbright Post-Doctoral Award - Fulbright Commission  1999
Memberships : International Studies Association

American Political Science Association

British International Studies Association

European Union Studies Association

Publications :
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Book Section / Chapter
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Papers in Conference Proceedings
Müftüler-Baç, Meltem, "Backsliding in Turkey: the role of judicial independence", 2017 APSA Annual Meeting, APSA (American Political Science Association), September 2017
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Working Paper / Technical Report
Demirsu Dı Bıase, İpek and Müftüler-Baç, Meltem, "The Turkish-EU cooperation on the refugee crisis: the Turkish perceptions in the parliamentary debates", August 2017, Sabancı University ID:Working Paper No. 07
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