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Political Science & International Relations Seminar Series


Political Science & International Relations Seminar Series


“The Legacies of Extractive Institutions”


Abstarct: Extractive imperialism is among the most cited factors for the underdevelopment of former colonies. Colonial legacies often imply weak institutions including insecure property rights, lack of political participation, and under-provision of public goods. I argue that the intensity of imperial investment, the transformation and/or reorganization of local societies, and the use of coercion are key determinants in shaping these developmental legacies. To illustrate the argument, I use a unique form of imperialism. The Habsburg Empire maintained for centuries military colonies along its southern border, where local populations provided military service in exchange for land. Using a geographic regression discontinuity design, I show that municipalities in modern-day Croatia within the former military colony have had less access to public goods, lower interpersonal trust, and weaker trust in formal institutions.




Bogdan Popescu

 (Bocconi University)


December 16, 2021, 12.40 PM



Meeting ID: 923 8342 5957