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SPS Seminar Series:Dimitris Christopoulos,Univ.of the West of England


  Sabancı University
                Faculty of Arts and Sciences 
         Social & Political Science Seminars 

      Two Seminars on Social Network Analysis  




Dimitris Christopoulos
   University of the West of England


 1. An Introductory Course to Social


Network Analysis


 Wednesday, 19 March 2008


2.  Political Entrepreneurs in the EU: Towards a Network Theory of Exceptional Action


Thursday, 20 March 2008

13.30- 15.00

FASS 2034

Dimitris Christopoulosis Senior Lecturer of Politics, University of the West of England. He has taught graduate courses on networks at the University of Bristol, and the European University Institute in Florence. His research and publications are on political entrepreneurship, interest intermediation, and the interaction between business and political elites.