HUMANITARIANNET (Thematic Network on Humanitarian Development Studies)

Published on 27.04.2014 01:19

Sabancı University officially became a a partner of the Peace and Conflict section of the HUMANITARIANNET (Thematic Network on Humanitarian Development Studies).

HumanitarianNet is a network who aims to analyze the underlying causes of humanitarian crises and formulate appropriate strategies for rehabilitation and development through educational programs. The underlying philosophy of HumanitarianNet is based on the importance of continuing and strengthening the support of a network of universities, specialized research centers and inter-governmental and non governmental organizations engaged in the formation of students and professionals in the field of humanitarian development studies. The six thematic areas of the network are European identity and external relations, humanitarian action, human rights, migration, peace and conflict and poverty and development. Sabancı University joined the peace and conflict thematic group of the Humanitariannet in February 2007.

Currently, 14 prestigious European research centers and universities participate in the Network as members of the Peace and Conflict thematic group (click here for the list). The thematic group offers a diploma “The European Doctorate Enhancement in Peace and Conflict Studies” (EDEN) to PhD candidates from the participating universities, upon successful completion of the diploma requirements (See the website for the program content and requirements)