Emre Erol

(216) 483 9264
Faculty Member
Leiden University - PhD, September 2014
Sabanci University - MA, September 2009
Sabanci University - BA, September 2007
Areas of Interest
Economic and social history of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey, European-Ottoman (Turkish) encounters and diplomacy, personal histories and ego-documents of the Young Turks (the Unionists and Kemalists), history of migrations in the Ottoman Empire with special focus on the Balkans and Western Anatolia in the late Ottoman period, history of socialisms and nationalisms in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, history of port-towns and port-cities in the Eastern Mediterranean, history of capitalism in the Eastern Mediterranean, democratization in Turkey, comparative world history (special focus on Greece and Turkey), history of technologies (special focus on computer games), theories and methodology in humanities.
Middle East Studies Association (MESA) / USA
  • Before SU Publications


    The Ottoman Crisis in Western Anatolia: Turkey’s Belle Époque and the Transition to a Modern Nation State,  (London & New York: I.B. Tauris, 2016).

    Book Chapter

    “‘Macedonian Question’ in Western Anatolia: The Ousting of the Ottoman Greeks before the World War I” in World War I and the End of the Ottoman World: From the Balkan Wars to the Armenian Genocide (London & New York: I.B. Tauris, 2015).

    “Balkan Savaşları: Mülteciler, Muhacirler ve Şiddet” (Balkan Wars: Exiles, Refugees and Violence) in 1915: Siyaset, Tehcir, Soykırım (1915: Politics, Force Migration, Genocide), (Istanbul: Tarih Vakfı Yurt Yayınları, 2015).

    Article in Journal 

    “Makedonya Sorunu’nun Batı Anadolu’ya Sıçrayışı ve 1914 Rum Tehciri,” (The Spread of the Macedonian Question over Western Anatolia and the Ousting of the Ottoman Greek in 1914) Toplumsal Tarih 252(2014): 58-65.

    “Eski Foça’nın  ‘Kara Haziran’ı,” (Eski Foça’s ‘Dark June’) Toplumsal Tarih 248(2014): 86-90.

    “Organized Chaos as Diplomatic Ruse and Demographic Weapon: The Expulsion of the Ottoman Greeks (Rum) from Foça, 1914,” TSEG (The Low Countries Journal of Social and Economic History) 4 (2013), 66-96. 

    “An Ottoman Town in Turmoil: a multidimensional analysis of the events in Eski Foça (Παλαιά Φώκαια) on the period of Summer 1914,” Cahiers Balkaniques 40 (2011): 199-226.