Fuat Keyman

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Faculty Member
B.S. Political Science, Middle East Technical University, 1981

M.S. Public Administration, Middle East Technical University, 1983

P.H.D. Political Science, Carleton University, 1991
Areas of Interest
2008-2010 European Citizenship
Framework 7 Project

2007-2009 Globalization, Europeanization and the political Economy of Anatolia
TUBİTAK project

2004-2005 Civil Society in Turkey
TUSEV and CIVICUS Joint Project

1998-2000 Globalization and Turkey,
part of the Cultural Globalization Project, directed by Peter Berger, Boston University

1992-1994 SSHRC Post-Doctoral Research
Recent Changes in International Political Economy and Their Impact on North/South Relations.

1986-1989 Research Assistant
Professor Jane Jenson
Department of Political Science
Reported on "The State and The Question of Abortion".
Reported on "The Welfare State and the Identity of Women".
Reported on "Flexible Specialization and Gender Differences".
Reported on "Fordism and the Canadian Political Economy".

1986-1987 Research Assistant
Professor John O'Manique
Norman Paterson School of International Affairs
Reported on "The Quality of Life and Development".
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  • Book
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  • Book Section / Chapter
    Keyman, Fuat, "Rethinking the 'Kurdish question' in Turkey: modernity, citizenship and democracy", Toward New Democratic Imaginaries: İstanbul Seminars on Islam, Culture and Politics, Benhabib, Seyla and Kaul, Volker (eds.), Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, September 2016, 75-85
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  • Volumes Edited / Special Issues
    Aras, Bülent and Keyman, Fuat, Turkey, the Arab Spring and beyond introduction to the special issue, Taylor & Francis, July 2015
  • Working Paper / Technical Report
    Aydın Düzgit, Senem and Keyman, Fuat, "EU-Turkey relations and the stagnation of Turkish democracy", December 2012, Sabancı University ID:Working Paper 02
  • Before SU Publications





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