Kerim Can Kavaklı

E-Mail :
Phone : 0216-483-9258
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Title : Faculty Member
Education : Sabancı University (BA)
University of Rochester (PhD)
Areas of Interest : International security, international cooperation, foreign aid, gender and politics
Awards :
  • Theory and Statistics Research Lab Fellowship - University of Rochester, USA  2012
  • W. Allen Wallis Institute of Political Economy Fellowship - University of Rochester, USA  2009
  • Graduate Student Fellowship - University of Rochester, USA  2006
  • Graduate Student Fellowship - Rice University, USA  2004
Memberships : American Political Science Associaton, Midwest Political Science Association, European Political Science Association
Publications :
Papers in Conference Proceedings
Kavaklı, Kerim Can and Uluçay, Öykü, "Does exposure to female role models increase leadership aspirations: a randomized experiment in civic involvement projects", International Conference on Knowledge and Politics in Gender and Women's Studies, METU (Middle East Technical University), April 2016, 628-637
SU Öncesi Yayınları:

From Economic Competition to Military Combat: Export Similarity and International Conflict" (with Tyson J. Chatagnier). Forthcoming in Journal of Conflict Resolutio